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The A1-Wrestling Podcast is a weekly roundtable format discussion on professional wrestling. The panel focuses primarly on North American wrestling, and discusses the results of weekly programs from WWE and TNA, and also features one independent wrestling federation every week. The podcast also features the A1-Wrestling.com Thread Of The Week from right here on our message board, as well as discusses the latest in technology, sports, and pop culture.

Next show: The A1-Wrestling.com Podcast, Tuesday night at 11:30 EST!

You can now join us on the A1-Wrestling Podcast! If you're a member of the board, just message any of the panelists and let us know you want to be on the show (Prime, SupTool, SouthPawJosh, Zandrax, and Murphys Law)! To join us on Skype, add octopusprime99 as a contact. You can also leave us a voicemail at 206-338-2228, or follow us on Twitter @a1wpodcast! Tweet us live during our recordings, and we'll get your tweet on the air! Let us know what you think!

The podcast is recorded Tuesday nights and posted for streaming here on the site on Wednesday afternoon, and is also available on iTunes!

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Episode 1: The Phantom Podcast
Episode 2: Attack of the Podcast
Episode 3: Revenge of the Podcast
Episode 4: A New Podcast
Episode 5: The Podcast Strikes Back
Episode 6: Return of the Podcast
Episode 7: Tables, Ladders, and Podcasts
Episode 8: Tables, Podcasts, and Chairs
Episode 9: Podcasts, Ladders, and Chairs
Episode 10: Podcast of Rock
Episode 11: The Man With The Golden Podcast
Episode 12: On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast
Episode 13: Live and Let Podcast
Episode 14: The Living Podcast
Episode 15: From Podcast With Love
Episode 16: Podcasts Are Forever
Episode 17: Thunderpodcast
Episode 18: For Your Podcast Only
Episode 19: The Podcast Who Loved Me
Episode 20: Podcastfinger
Episode 21: You Only Podcast Twice
Episode 22: Podcastraker
Episode 23: Octopodcast
Episode 24: A View To A Podcast
Episode 25: License To Podcast
Episode 26: Goldenpodcast
Episode 27: Podcast Never Dies
Episode 28: The Podcast is Not Enough
Episode 29: With My Podcast Tonight
Episode 30: A Real Podcast's Podcast
Episode 31: Podcast And Circumstance
Episode 32: Duel Of The Podcasts
Episode 33: Making An Entrance
Episode 34: Just Joe
Episode 35: Get To Da Choppa!
Episode 36: Who Is Your Daddy And What Does He Do?
Episode 37: More Than Meets The Podcast
Episode 38: It's Turbo Time!
Episode 40: I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast And Right Now I'm VERY HUNGRY!
Episode 41: The 'Rock and Roll' Buck Zumhoff Episode!
Episode 42: Life, The Universe, and Everything
Episode 43: Son Of A Gun
Episode 44: Magnum .44
Episode 45: 5 Away From 50
Episode 46: One Year Later...
Episode 47: Not Without A Fight
Episode 48: The 48 Hour Podcast Project
Episode 49: Podcast 49
Episode 50: MEGA EPISODE 50!
Episode 51: The Dick Butkus Show
Episode 52: The New 52 Podcast
Episode 53: That Sumuvabitch Tully Blanchard!
Episode 54: I'm NOT Kissing You!
Episode 55: I Can't Podcast 55
Episode 56: I Am The Law!
Episode 57: 57 Podcasts
Episode 58: Resistance Is Useful
Episode 59: A Look At Wrestling Retribution Project
Episode 60: Fair To Aar
Episode 61: The Year-Ender
Episode 62: Annnd We're Back
Episode 63: CES 2012
Episode 64: Girls Night Out
Episode 65: Royal Rumble 2012
Episode 66: The Royal Finish
Episode 67: A Different Kind of Podcast
Episode 68: Greg The Hammer Valentine's Day
Episode 69: Allysin Kay Exclusive
Episode 70: Resistance Is Futile
Episode 71: The 4th Dimension of Hell

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